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✖ .Group Status. ✖

We are OPEN for applications!
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Advisory Warning

LonelyOnes is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of LO as a group. LO does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group.
Player discretion is advised.

☣ .Directory. ☣

Welcome to LonelyOnes! Before joining,
please read the following important links!


.How to Join.
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.Setting & History.
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.Character Masterlist.
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.Quarantine & Initiation.
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.Dog Teeth Currency.

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.Character Creation.
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.Pack Structure.
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.Descendent Lines.
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.Light Tools.

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.Parasites & Infection.
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.Stats System.

☢ .Featured Character. ☢

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To be nominated for Featured Character you need to have people suggest you via noting the group during nomination periods. If your character gets the nomination they will appear on the front page for no less than two months. They also will be given 5 stat points to do with as they please!

Nominations are Open!
To nominate a character for FC please note the group with a note titled "FC Nomination."

You must follow these requirements:
1. Must not be your own character
2. Must come with a few sentence (roughly 100 words) proposal as to why this should be the next FC.


Check out our Affiliates if you're looking for something else or something new!

✘ .Welcome to Hell. ✘

"Don't look for my heart anymore, the beasts have eaten it." - Jezebel
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#LonelyOnes, otherwise known as LO, is a literate post apocalyptic canine group that focuses on character creation, exploration and survival. Similar to most animated movies that feature animals these dogs can facially emote to one another and speak english; however speaking does not cross species.

LO revolves around the world being plunged into endless darkness, cold and ice. Similarly, the animals of the world have adapted to live in such frigid and dangerous conditions and those that couldn't have vanished from the world. Along with the landscape being less than ideal, parasites have become one of the largest threats to all wildlife. The fear of being infected a very real one at any given time.

When first joining our members are allowed ONE character, after proving to be an avid and active contributor that number will rise. Your new member will start out in the lowest rank of the pack but will have plenty of opportunity to rise using tasks and other methods within the world. Your character may not start out infected.

You must have a character application filled out in its entirety before you can join, and make sure to read all of the journals prior to submitting your application. Any errors in your application that do not follow outlines explained in the journals will have to be addressed.

If you would like to have your character prescreened prior to an opening date please note the group!

Not all characters will be accepted each time we open for new members; please understand that we are looking for active members and are trying to give the best opportunity to those we believe will be active and a good fit for the RP. Thank you for understanding and thank you for your interest in LO!

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